Our Mission

To leverage competitive technology and superior customer service, to become the leading supplier of fuel additive formulations to the worldwide automotive aftermarket, and to be a strong niche marketer of fuel additives to the industrial and refinery markets in the developing economies of the world.

Our History

AFD Technologies (AFDT) was founded in 1993 to take advantage of a growing trend within our industry whereby the established suppliers elected to focus on, and provide quality customer service to only their largest accounts. It is to the numerous potential customers, both domestically and internationally, who fall below the thresholds set by existing suppliers, that AFDT offers its custom formulations and outstanding customer service.  AFDT’s core philosophy centers directly on the specific needs of our individual customers. We focus on matching the best available technology with those needs, and offer performance products at competitive prices, supported by an outstanding array of customer services. We guarantee in writing the performance levels of the finished products that are blended from our concentrates. Thus our customers can in turn be confident that the ultimate consumer will enjoy the benefits claimed for use of their products.  A key corporate priority, that will always drive the development and acquisition of technology used in our product formulations, is to insure that their use has a positive environmental impact.

Our Future

A key early technical innovation was the creation in 1994 of one of the first gasoline additives that provided emission reduction to aid passing of State emission tests. Over the ensuing period we have continued to develop and improve this technology to insure that it has been a commercial as well as a technical success story. In the mid-1990’s we also recognized that a significant future concern for the US EPA and similar State Agencies, would be the level of emissions produced from small engines of the type that power lawn mowers, leaf blowers, grass and weed trimmers, snowmobiles and personal water craft. In response we developed some unique technology to improve the combustion efficiency, facilitate starting and reduce emissions in both the 2- and 4-cycle engines used in these applications. Viewing this development as one that spent more than 20 years in technology development and senior R & D management in the petroleum industry, I believe it is AFDT’s most significant scientific achievement. We continue to advance the technology because of the tremendous growth opportunities that are now evident with the widespread use of small engine vehicles for personal transportation in the developing countries.

To anyone even remotely familiar with aftermarket fuel additives, AFDT’s name is synonymous with the octane booster category, especially with those using MMT®* as the active octane booster. We are proud of our influence in the rapid growth of this category in the last few years. While our initial efforts were focused on EPA registerable “street legal” formulations, more recently we have turned attention to “off-road” and “racing” products designed specifically for what we refer to as the performance enhancement market. While this shift of emphasis provides us with more creative formulation opportunities, I admit that it also reflects my personal lifelong love of high performance cars. Looking to the future, the creation of innovative new and improved performance enhancement aftermarket fuel additive formulations will continue to be one of our highest priority technical objectives. We believe that one of the things that sets AFDT apart from its competitors is that from the top down we understand the chemistry of our products, and the ways in which they do and don’t work inside an engine. We sell real and honest performance not hype, and you can feel free to contact me any time by phone or e-mail to discuss our products. Finally, you have my pledge that we will never sell a product that I wouldn’t be willing to put in one of my personal vehicles.

– Jeff Ketchledge, President of AFD Technologies, Inc.